If you are experiencing vibrations or driveshaft problems, the experts at C & T Driveshaft of Houston, TX can help. We can diagnose what your problem is and help you resolve it. While we are working on your driveshaft, we can make any number of adjustments for you including U joint modifications and component upgrades.

  • Light and heavy duty driveshafts
  • Industrial driveshafts
  • Agricultural driveshafts
  • Custom driveshafts
  • Custom aluminum driveshafts
  • Race car driveshafts
  • Domestic and foreign driveshafts
  • Shorten the driveshaft
  • Lengthen driveshaft
  • Straighten and heat balancing
  • Dynamic balancing of driveshafts
  • Change out joints
  • Replace carrier bearings on 2-pc. Shaft
  • Retubing driveshaft
  • CV head repair
  • Upgrade driveshaft performance
  • Custom made driveshafts
  • Transmission yokes
  • Carrier bearings
  • Flanges
  • Joints
  • Splinestubs
  • Differential yokes
  • Slip yokes
  • Weld yokes

You can count on high quality durable driveshaft parts from C & T Driveshaft of Houston, TX. Our parts department has built a solid reputation over the past 40+ years on a foundation of providing the best value for your dollar. Our parts are reliable and affordable.